Friday, December 1, 2017

With the laundry finished, we stroll around the RV Resort, checking everything out. It’s not raining. You can see some blue sky, although most of the sky has a white wisp of clouds covering it. It’s a very large campground, with mountains surrounding it.IMG_5166 There are a total of 191 campsites, some pull through and some back in, in four different areas. Across the street from our site, there are more sites. IMG_5150IMG_5145Behind them is Jordan Creek. IMG_5156On the other side of the creek there are more campsites. We are towards the back end of the campground. There is one section behind us, but there are more then one hundred sites in the front of us.

We have lunch and head to our happy place, the hot tub. There is one man on the phone in the hot tub, no one else. He decides it’s time to go when we arrive, but hangs out with us chatting for awhile. A few minutes after he goes, there are several people who arrive. Today, we’re not as lucky when it comes to having the place to ourselves. At four, we pack up and head home to get ready for tonight’s all you can eat buffet, Steak and Sushi for $15.99.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

It’s been almost three months since we have had a site with sewer. Sewer translates into a good interior cleaning and lots of laundry. And we need it with the coach having had all the work done. Most of my morning is cleaning, while the washing machine goes non stop washing rugs, afghans, bedding, towels and clothes. That makes it seem like we have been living in filth, but that’s not the case. Without sewer, I’m limited to one wash per dump cycle, so everything takes its turn. With sewer, everything can get done at once.

One challenge we have is keeping the kitties from getting under the bed and breaking the electric connections that allow the bed to go up and down. They think it’s a great hiding place, us, not so much. So, while I play Mr. Clean, Alex works on making cardboard boxes to fit between the wall and the bed, one for each side. This will replace the towels we have stuffed in the space that are unsuccessful in keeping them out. Even if they push the boxes in, they won’t be able to get under and reek havoc.

After the cleaning frenzy and lunch, we pack up and walk to the indoor pool and hot tub. The place is empty. We have it all to ourselves, at least for an hour.

That’s a merman in that pool!
The fitness center

It is wonderful to be sitting in warmth. You can feel the cold leaving your aching bones. This has been the warmest I have been in eight months. And the big pool is refreshing after the hot tub.

At four, we head back to get ready to go to the Casino for the all you can eat Seafood buffet. And what a buffet! IMG_3188IMG_3189IMG_1400Mountains of Dungeness crab, fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail, oysters, salmon and cod cooked various ways, Asian and Mexican food all for $20.99. Well worth the money. For the second night in a row, we wattle out to catch the shuttle back to the RV Resort.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Miracle of miracles we are leaving REVtown today!

Rick, the fellow RVer we met here, has returned to pick up his coach and he comes in for coffee and an update on his world and ours. Once he leaves, we have breakfast and start packing up. We can’t check into Seven Feathers until two, so we plan on leaving around noon. It’s one hundred miles south and we need to get fuel first.

Fortunately, it’s not raining as we pull in the utilities and hook up Sergio. We even have sunglasses on, but not for long. While driving south, the clouds roll in. It’s strange getting back on the road again. Princess Poco Loco has no problem remembering what to do, she was on my lap before we left REVtown’s parking lot. Before we know it, we are at Seven Feathers Casino Resort.IMG_5117

I decided I could live here, if it weren’t for the cold and rain! This is a resort, so the sites have concrete pads, easy to level the coach. The picnic table is on concrete as well. I like this because it keeps the mess outside the coach, you don’t track dirt, grass and leaves in, especially with all the rain. IMG_5153The landscape between sites has grass, trees and Rhododendrons galore. This would be absolutely gorgeous in the summer when everything is in bloom, being winter, we need an imagination. But here’s the best part, they have an indoor pool, hot tub, fitness room and library. IMG_5167What more could you ask for? Oh wait, there’s the Casino with buffets and a free shuttle service that can even take you into the town of Canyonville proper. And there’s cable television. Now if they could only get the temperature up about forty degrees and stop the rain, I would be in heaven.

It’s Wednesday, so tonight’s buffet is barbecue. By the time we check in and set up, it is after three. We haven’t had any lunch, so we get dressed, hop on the shuttle and head over to the Casino. First stop is getting a Players Club card so we get the discount buffet price. The buffet doesn’t open until four, so we check out the casino floor and then the gift shop.

It official, we’re old! We are walking into a casino buffet and it’s not even five o’clock. Yeah, we’re old!

The buffet is all you can eat for $18.99 with your Players Club card. Not a bad price and not bad food. IMG_3176Barbecue pork and beef ribs, chicken and plenty of fixings. Tacos, salads, soups. If you can’t find something to eat, there’s something wrong. Dessert and your beverage are included, unless you want alcohol. I tried that, only to learn they take your credit card and hold it for your tab. I’m am not a big fan of having my card out of my site for the duration of my meal, so that ended very quickly.

After we stuffed ourselves, we wattled outside to get the shuttle. On the trek back to the RV resort, we passed through the Seven Feathers Truck and Travel Center. Wow! The Center was the size of some of the grocery stores we’ve been in. And the truck parking was immense. The truckers are here all year, with the shuttle taking them to the Casino for food and gambling. This place is hopping all year long. Definitely a great place to stop for awhile.